EPM Standard Cloud Service

EPM Standard Cloud Service is a suite of business processes, primarily for small and mid-sized businesses, and for businesses with lower complexity requirements to support planning and budgeting, consolidation and close, account reconciliation, and narrative reporting processes.

The following image presents an overview of the business processes available in EPM Standard Cloud Service:

EPM Standard Cloud Service Modules and Features

Additionally, Data Management, which enables you to integrate data from source systems, is included with EPM Standard Cloud Service. Clients and command line tools, such as Oracle Smart View for Office and EPM Automate, are also included.

An EPM Standard Cloud Service instance allows you to deploy and use one of the supported business processes. To deploy another business process, you must request another EPM Standard Cloud Service subscription or remove the current business process.

Watch this video learn more about all of the value in EPM Standard Cloud Service and EPM Enterprise Cloud Service.

In the EPM Standard Cloud Service, you deploy one of the following business processes.


The Planning business process delivers instant value and greater productivity for business planners, analysts, modelers, and decision-makers across all lines of business of an enterprise.

Planning is available with:

  • Capital
  • Financials
  • Projects
  • Workforce
  • Strategic Modeling

With the exception of Strategic Modeling, these are available with preseeded configurable content including dimensions, models, forms, rules, dashboards, infolets, and reports. Strategic Modeling is available with standard and industry templates that can be leveraged to create a customized scenario models with flexible blended scenario business cases.

The Planning business process available in the EPM Standard Cloud Service does not support the following:

  • Custom Planning, which allows a high degree of application customization to support business requirements

  • Free Form Planning, which enables you to deploy Planning applications with no dimension requirements and also create applications using Essbase outline files

  • Use of the Groovy scripting language to create or customize business rules

See Overview of Planning (Planning and Budgeting Cloud).

Watch this video for an overview of Planning in EPM Standard Cloud Service.

Video icon Overview: Planning in EPM Standard Cloud

Account Reconciliation

The Account Reconciliation business process enables you to automate the validation of financial accounts by checking the accuracy of account balances.

This business process does not include the Transaction Matching module, which automates the process of reconciling high volume or labor intensive reconciliations and integrating results into the tracking features within Reconciliation Compliance.

See Overview of Account Reconciliation.

Watch this video for an overview of Account Reconciliation.

Video icon Overview: Tour of Account Reconciliation

Financial Consolidation and Close

The Financial Consolidation and Close business process supports consolidation and close process tasks with default, prebuilt calculations; you cannot create custom calculations.

The Financial Consolidation and Close business process available in the EPM Standard Cloud Service does not support the following:

  • Custom consolidation calculations and complex ownership structures

  • Automation of consolidation and close tasks

  • Intelligent process automation by integrating Task Manager with other services

See Overview of Financial Consolidation and Close.

Watch this video for an overview of Financial Consolidation.

Video icon Overview: Tour of Financial Consolidation

Narrative Reporting

The Narrative Reporting business process, previously known as Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting, provides a secure, process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial and management report packages.

The Narrative Reporting business process available in the EPM Standard Cloud Service does not support Disclosure Management.

See Overview of Narrative Reporting.

Watch this video for an overview of Narrative Reporting.

Video icon Overview: Narrative Reporting in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

Business Processes not Available in the EPM Standard Cloud Service

The following business processes are available in the EPM Enterprise Cloud Service only:

  • Profitability and Cost Management

  • Tax Reporting

  • Enterprise Data Management