Overview of Narrative Reporting

Narrative Reporting is an Oracle Cloud solution for management and narrative reporting. It provides a secure, collaborative, and process driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial and management report packages. In addition, Narrative Reporting offers multidimensional analytics, and you can choose to store, analyze, and source data from the Cloud via built-in analytics or use your own existing data sources for analyzing and authoring doclet content.

Key benefits:

  • Combine Data and Narrative: Use report packages and doclets to address authoring, collaboration, commentary, and delivery needs.

  • Collaborate Securely: Gives report contributors access to content based on their role and insures that sensitive content is secure. Also, lets report owners see the progress of the reporting lifecycle.

  • Report Confidently: Allows you to trust that the data is reliable and accurate while providing faster, more accurate insights to all stakeholders.

Watch this video to get an overview of Narrative Reporting.

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