Overview of Sales Planning

Oracle Sales Planning Cloud provides an extensible framework for planning and managing sales performance.

Using Sales Planning enables you to automate critical processes by eliminating spreadsheets in key sales operations processes and improves collaboration for planning and modeling sales quotas.

Sales Planning is extensible using the EPM Cloud framework to further add additional configurations and personalization into your sales planning application with custom navigation flows, dashboards, and infolets. Use tasks and approvals to manage the quota planning process. Use Groovy rules to customize even further for enhanced calculation and business rules. Sales Planning can be integrated with Oracle Engagement Cloud – Sales Cloud for pushing quota targets to incentive compensation or bring in actual attainment.

Watch this overview video to learn more about Sales Planning.

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About Quota Planning

The Quota Planning business process offers top-down and bottom up target quota planning by territory, product, account, or other custom dimensions. Use Predictive Planning and what if scenario planning to explore and compare different quota scenarios for informed decision making. Quota Planning builds best practices into its content, including its forms, calculations, dashboards, infolets, drivers, and measures.

Quota Planning helps you plan reliable target quotas by engaging all of the participants of the process, for example, the VP of Sales, Sales Operations, Sales Managers, and Sales Reps. Set a target quota for the next year. Then, optimize your results by making adjustments by product, applying padding or seasonality, or performing predictive planning or what-if analysis. When the target is ready, planners perform top-down or waterfall planning to allocate the target quota throughout the hierarchy.

If needed in your organization, you can also perform bottom up planning to get quota commitments from Sales Reps, allowing a collaborative approach. After the target quotas are pushed up to the next level of the hierarchy and aggregated, you can compare top down and bottom up results. Use the built-in dashboards to analyze and evaluate your quota plans with quota attainments.

Enhance the planning process in your organization by adding additional measures, task lists, or approvals.

Watch this video to learn about Quota Planning.

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About Sales Forecasting

Advanced Sales Forecasting provides a robust platform for the sales forecasting process, allowing multidimensional sales forecasting across territory, products, accounts, channels, or other custom dimensions. It offers sales teams connected sales planning with integration between Quota Planning, compensation planning, and sales forecasts. With Advanced Sales Forecasting, you can plan at the weekly or monthly level, and use a rolling forecast if your business requires it. It offers these key features:

  • Out-of-box best practice content for sales forecasting and analysis, including metrics, KPIs, and measures to help data-driven sales forecasting across the Sales hierarchy.

  • Extensibility using the Planning Cloud platform, allowing additional configurations, such as custom forms and dashboards, measures, dimensions, navigation flows, and Groovy rules for custom calculations.

  • Ability to adjust forecast commitment at the territory level or detailed level (for example, by product or account) to facilitate collaborative data-driven forecast commitment.

  • Predictive Planning to take the guesswork out of your forecasting.

  • Oracle Smart View for Office, which provides a common Microsoft Office interface designed specifically for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, including Sales Planning.

  • Instantaneous aggregations and reporting using out-of-box reporting cube.

Advanced Sales Forecasting ensures greater reliability in your forecasts, and accountability and collaboration between Sales Management and Sales Reps.