Account Reconciliation

Service Administrator

Configures the system and manages the worldwide reconciliation process. These users have unrestricted access to all Account Reconciliation features including the ability to view all reconciliations.

Power User

Adds and maintains profiles and creates reconciliations from those profiles, but only if the profiles fall within the user’s security filter. A Service Administrator defines security filters from the System Settings configuration tab of the Account Reconciliation environment.

Generally, this role is assigned to users who have regional reconciliation management responsibilities.


Power Users can administer authorized sets of profiles and reconciliations in Account Reconciliation. This feature is designed for companies with distributed reconciliation processes that require participation of employees familiar with configuring profiles and reconciliations locally.

Authorization of profiles and reconciliations occurs through security filters on account segments. For example, Power User A might be granted authorization only to profiles or reconciliations where segment one = 100 and segment two starts with 12. Security filters are created and assigned to each Power User.


Prepares and reviews account reconciliations or views or comments on reconciliations. Access to reconciliations is controlled by the assignment of the user to the reconciliation. For example, in order to prepare a given reconciliation, the user must be assigned the Preparer role for that reconciliation.

Typically, this role is granted to preparers, reviewers, and commentators on reconciliations.


Views reconciliations.