Sales Planning

Service Administrator

Performs all Oracle Sales Planning Cloud functional activities, including granting roles to users.

This role should be granted to functional experts who need to create and administer Sales Planning components.

Power User

Views and interacts with data. This role grants high-level access to several functional areas within an environment and should be granted to department heads and business unit managers, and business users in charge of a region who need to control the approval process.

A Power User can perform these activities:

  • Creates and maintains forms, Oracle Smart View for Office worksheets, and task lists

  • Creates and manages user variables for the application, but cannot delete them.

  • Views substitution variables

  • Controls the approvals process, performs actions on approval units to which they have write access, and assigns owners and reviewers for the organization under her charge


  • Enters data into forms and submits them for approval, analyzes forms using ad hoc features, controls the ability to drill through to the source system
  • Accesses Data Management and loads data


Views and analyzes data through forms and data access tools. Typically, this role should be assigned to executives who need to view business plans during the sales planning process.