Saving Backup Snapshots

A saved snapshot allows you to restore an environment to a specific point.

A saved snapshot may be used to provide a specific restore point. For example,

  • The state of the system immediately when going live, or immediately after a critical point, like the finalization of a quarterly reporting period. In this case, the snapshot would be restored if you ever want to further review or investigate prior activities.

  • A saved snapshot could also be used if you discover that something went wrong prior to the most recent snapshot. You can select one of the snapshots from your local file system that you saved in order to restore the service to a known state.

To download the backup snapshot using the File Transfer Utility:

  1. Open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the folder where the File Transfer Utility is installed.
  2. Execute the following command:

    eprcsctl operation=download_dbsnapshot secret=SECRET tenantid=TENTANTID user=USER password=PASSWORD file=XML_FILE_PATH, where:

    • secret is a phrase that is used to encrypt the backup.
    • tenantid is the name of the identity domain that services the environment.
    • user and password are the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud credentials of the Service Administrator who is downloading the backup.
    • file is the absolute path, including file name, for storing the downloaded backup.

    For example, eprcsctl operation=download_dbsnapshot secret=myencryptionphrase tenantid=mydomain user=johndoe password=pwd file=c:\dbdownload.xml