Restoring from a Backup

Application restoration can be completed either through the Settings on the Home page or by using the File Transfer Utility.

When you restore a backup snapshot, your system returns to that prior state. Changes that occurred after the backup are not reflected in the restored system.

Restore will take place during the next daily maintenance, which you may reschedule so that it starts soon after you upload the backup snapshot. If daily maintenance includes restoring an application from a backup, the maintenance process may take more than one hour. The additional time requirement varies with the size of the snapshot being restored. See Setting Service Maintenance Time.


From the Daily Maintenance screen, a Service Administrator can restore an environment using the current maintenance snapshot. To access this screen, select Daily Maintenance from the Home page.

To restore an environment using a backup snapshot that you downloaded:

  1. Open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the folder where the File Transfer Utility is installed.
  2. Execute the following command to upload the snapshot and to schedule it for restoration during the next scheduled maintenance of the environment.

    eprcsctl operation=upload_dbsnapshot secret=SECRET tenantid=TENTANTID user=USER password=PASSWORD file=XML_FILE_PATH, where:

    • secret is a phrase that is used to encrypt the backup.
    • tenantid is the name of the identity domain that services the environment.
    • user and password are the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud credentials of the Service Administrator who is uploading the backup.
    • file is the absolute path, including file name, from where the backup is to be uploaded.

    For example, eprcsctl operation=upload_dbsnapshot secret=myencryptionphrase tenantid=mydomain user=johndoe password=pwd file=c:\dbdownload.xml