Application Design Information

The following information is available:

  • Application design changes that occurred during the last 24 hours.

    This section provides an audit trail of application design changes, if any. Information available in this table includes application name, type and name of the modified design artifact, identity of the user who modified the artifact, and the time when the changes were made. Data changes are not reflected in this table.
    Section of the Activity Report that shows application design change data

  • Essbase design metrics.

    This section contains information related to the application such as the number of ASO and BSO cubes and their dimensions, and the highest number of total blocks in any Essbase cube.
    Essbase Design Information

  • Application size

    This section of the report explores the size of the application. Information available includes the data size (includes the size of snapshots and files available in the inbox and outbox), size of Essbase data, and the size of the maintenance snapshot.

  • Essbase BSO and ASO Cube Statistics

    These sections provide statistics about each ASO and BSO cube in the application.
    BSO Cube Statistics

  • Dimensions in each cube.

    Displays outline and statistics of each cube in the application.
    BSO Cube Dimension Statistics (a Partial View)