About the Activity Report

The Activity Report is automatically generated in these three situations:

  • Every day during daily maintenance of the service
  • Each time you submit a Provide Feedback submission
  • Every time you execute the resetService EPM Automate command to restart an environment

The Activity Report enables Service Administrators to understand application usage. It also helps streamline application design by identifying calculation scripts and user requests that impact application performance. Two versions of the report; an HTML version and a JSON version, are available.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud generates an additional Activity Report each time a user submits a feedback using the Provide Feedback Utility. This report, additionally, displays information that the user submitted, for example, screen shots and problem description.


The JSON version of the Activity Report is not accessible from the service. Use the downloadFile EPM Automate command to download it.

Service Administrators use these reports to identify problems faced by users and to compare service usage and performance to those available in a report from the past. Information about these areas is available:


Information available in the Activity Report depends on the components used. For example, the report will not contain Oracle Smart View for Office statistics if no user used it to access data in the course of the day.