Submitting Feedback Using the Provide Feedback Utility

For services other than Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud: While submitting feedback, Service Administrators can consent to submit the last maintenance snapshot of the environment to Oracle. Oracle uses the submitted application snapshot for testing purposes only; Oracle does not make changes to the application or data. If you consent to submit the maintenance snapshot, Oracle automatically encrypts and copies the log files and the current maintenance snapshot.


It is your responsibility to keep backup copies of the maintenance snapshot for recovery purposes. Oracle cannot restore your service using the snapshot that you submit. See Backing Up and Restoring an Environment Using the Maintenance Snapshot.

Before providing feedback, ensure that you are at the stage in the process when the problem was observed.


Using the Provide Feedback utility to submit diagnostic information sends your submission to Oracle but does not create a service request. If a Service Administrator cannot resolve the issue, then you can create a service request using the information that you submit. While creating the service request, you are prompted for the reference number, which is displayed on the screen when you submitted diagnostic information using the utility. Additionally, the reference number is included in the feedback notification email. Entering the reference information helps Oracle to easily collect the required diagnostic data.

To provide feedback:

  1. While you are in the screen about which you want to provide feedback, open Setting and Actions by clicking your user name (displayed at the right top corner of the screen), and then select Provide Feedback.
  2. In Give a brief description, describe the issue that you encountered.
  3. Optional: Select an option to highlight or darken areas of the screen.
    • Select Highlight, and then click and drag on the screen to highlight portions of the screen; for example, to highlight errors or issues.

    • Select Darken, and then click and drag on the screen to hide portions of the screen. Use this option to hide sensitive data from the screenshot.

  4. Click Add button (Add button) to capture the screenshot.
  5. Optional: Add additional screenshots:
    1. Navigate to the new screen that you want to capture.
    2. Click Add button (Add).
    3. Optional: Select an option to highlight or darken areas of the screen, and then click and drag on the screen to highlight or darken an area.
    4. Describe your issue or the actions that you performed in the current screen.
    5. Click Add.
    6. Repeat these steps to add more screenshots.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Review the browser, environment, and plug-in information. Click Next button to browse graphics (Next) to review screenshots.
  8. Optional: If you are a Service Administrator, allow Oracle to access the maintenance snapshot.
    1. In Provide Feedback, click User permissions.
    2. In Submit application snapshot, click Details to view information about how Oracle uses the snapshot.
    3. Select the radio button to indicate that you agree to submit the application snapshot to Oracle.
      Next button to browse graphics
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Optional: If you need Oracle's assistance to resolve this issue, follow the instructions on the screen to log a service request. While creating the service request, be sure to enter the reference number that is displayed on the screen. The reference number is included in the feedback notification email also.
  11. Click Close.