Helping Oracle Collect Diagnostic Information Using the Provide Feedback Utility

Use the Provide Feedback utility to help Oracle diagnose and resolve issues efficiently. This utility is available within your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud environment.

If you encounter an issue while using the service, use the Provide Feedback utility to describe the issue and the steps to reproduce it. To expedite the resolution of issues, Oracle recommends that you add multiple screenshots to your feedback submissions. Adding a succession of screenshots that show your progress through a task enables you to create a storyboard that shows Oracle how to recreate your issue.

Each time a user submits feedback to Oracle using the Provide Feedback utility, a feedback notification, a subset of the information that a user submits, is sent to Service Administrators and to the user who submits the feedback. These notifications enable Service Administrators to review submitted issues and suggest corrective actions. Feedback notification is enabled by default.

Each Service Administrator can turn off the notification by clicking the Unsubscribe link embedded in the email. See Disabling Feedback Notification. Regardless of the subscription status, a notification is always sent to the user who submits the feedback.

You can also provide feedback (text only) to Oracle using the feedback EPM Automate command if the user interface becomes unresponsive.

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