Resolving Login Issues

This section lists common issues related to logging into Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud using VPN, using vanity URLs, and connecting with Oracle Smart View for Office.

Resolving connection issues

If you can connect to websites outside of your organization's network, but cannot connect to EPM Cloud:

  • Verify that the connection URL and the credentials you are using are valid.

    If your environments are configured for SSO but you are not setup to use identity domain credentials make sure that you are using your SSO credentials.

  • Check if you can connect to the service from a different network (a wireless network or outside your organization's network).

  • Verify that the browser is configured for EPM Cloud. See:

  • Verify that EPM Cloud and Oracle domains ( and are not blacklisted.

  • If you are using Virtual Private Network (VPN), connect to EPM Cloud without using VPN. If the connection is successful, the issue may be related to your VPN setup or internet proxy settings. Contact your network administrator for help.

Resolving login failures when connecting to EPM Cloud through VPN

Connect to EPM Cloud without using VPN to ensure that the EPM Cloud URL and credentials are valid. If you can access the service, connectivity issue may be localized to the following, which requires help from your network administrator:

  • Internet proxy setting on your computer

  • Your organization's VPN setup

Deciding which sign in option to use when two options are available

In SSO-enabled environments, a sign in screen similar to the following is displayed for users who are permitted to maintain identity domain credentials; typically, Identity Domain Administrators and Service Administrators who need to use clients such as EPM Automate.

A sample sign in screen if SSO is enabled for a service
You may sign in using the Company Sign In option to access the environment using your SSO credentials. Alternatively you can use your identity domain credentials to access EPM Cloud environments.

Using vanity URLs for redirection

Vanity URLs are not supported for accessing EPM Cloud.

Diagnosing Smart View login issues

Smart View fails to establish a connection with a data source primarily because of errors in the shared or private connection URL that is being used. For information on connection types, see "Shared Connections and Private Connections" in Oracle Smart View for Office User's Guide.

  • Verify that the connection URL syntax and the credentials being used are accurate.
  • Using a browser, access the environment that supports the data source. Make sure that you can login using the credentials that you are using to access the data source through Oracle Smart View for Office User's Guide.

Getting Help

If the preceding solutions do not resolve your login issues, seek Oracle's help. See Getting Help From Oracle.

  • Generate a Fiddler trace file of your log in session, if possible. See Using Fiddler to Capture Diagnostic Information.

    If you are unable to generate a Fiddler trace file of your session, see Collecting Network Performance Trace Using a Browser for information on collecting network trace using a browser.

  • Create a service request and provide the following to Oracle. See Submitting a Service Request.
    • Fiddler trace or HAR file if possible
    • Screenshot of the error
    • Date, time, and time zone when the error occurred.
    • URL of the environment
    • Specify if the error occurred for a specific user or for all users
    • Specify whether the error occurred at one or all locations
    • If you are able to log in later, create a Provide Feedback submission and include its reference number in the service request. See Creating a Provide Feedback Submission.