Requesting a Rollback of Production Environments

Except for Narrative Reporting environments, if a fix for a critical issue in an updated production environment is not immediately available, Oracle may revert the production environment to the state it was in before the monthly update. Reverting environments involves cleaning the environment, applying the last monthly update, and then reloading the backup from the previous month. Additionally, Oracle will provide a loaner test environment to customers who request an additional test environment.

How to Request a Rollback

To request a rollback, file a service request and provide the following information:

  • URL of the production environment that needs to be rolled back

  • Detailed information on the regressive bug that necessitates the rollback

  • Information (date, time, and timezone) on when the environment will be free to be rolled back.

  • Formal request in the following format:

     I, <Your name>, request Oracle to roll back the environment <URL of the environment> to <previous version>

    where <previous version> is the preceding Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud version, for example Update 19.11.