Instructions for First-time Customers

First-time subscribers require an Oracle Cloud account to activate their order.

To create an Oracle Cloud account and activate your service:

  1. Click Create New Account in the activation email to open the Oracle Cloud Activate My Services web site.
    Illustration of the Oracle Cloud account activation web site
  2. Enter Cloud Account Administrator information.
    1. In Cloud Account Name, specify a unique account name.
      Because this account name will be used as the name for your identity domain and will form a part of your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud URLs, pay special attention while choosing this name. See OCI EPM Cloud URLs for more information.


      Changing the Cloud Account Name after completing this process will not change your URLs.
    2. In Email Address, enter the email address to which the activation email was sent.
  3. Enter Cloud Account Administrator information.
    The person designated as the Cloud Account Administrator should be capable of creating EPM Cloud instances and setting up security for them.

    Oracle creates this user in the Oracle Identity Cloud and assigns Cloud Account Administrator and Service Administrator roles to the user. Oracle also sends an email to the user with the information needed to access the My Services (OCI) to complete the next stage of the process. This email, sent by, is titled Action Required: Please Activate Your Services.

    This is the most powerful user account in Oracle Cloud. See Learn About Cloud Account Roles in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud to understand what this user can do.

You are now ready to create Identity Domain Administrators and Service Administrators in My Services (OCI). See Creating Identity Domain Administrators and Service Administrators.