Integrating Oracle Autonomous Database Data Using the EPM Integration Agent

You can integrate data directly to and from the Oracle Autonomous Database and the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud using the EPM Integration Agent. This type of integration enables you to extract source data from staging or other applications running on the Oracle Autonomous Database. You can also export data from the EPM Cloud to selected reporting data warehouses on the Oracle Autonomous Database.

The Oracle Autonomous Database is a comprehensive cloud experience with fully automated data warehousing and transaction processing workloads optimized on high-end Oracle hardware systems. The Oracle Autonomous Database provides an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database that scales elastically and delivers fast query performance.

As a service, the Oracle Autonomous Database does not require database administration. You do not need to configure or manage any hardware or install any software. The Oracle Autonomous Database handles provisioning the database, backing up the database, patching and upgrading the database, and growing or shrinking the database. For more information about the Oracle Autonomous Database, see FAQs For Autonomous Database.

When loading or writing back data to and from the Oracle Autonomous Database, the EPM Integration Agent is used to establish the connectivity between the Oracle Autonomous Database and the EPM Cloud. Customers can either install the agent on a local network (similar to the way customers currently use the agent to extract data from on-premises data sources) or install the agent in a Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute instance and then configure the database connectivity. The Compute instance provides the processing power and memory capacity for the virtual servers they host. This approach provides customers with scalability and flexibility for their solutions.

Image shows the integration between the EPM Cloud and the Oracle Autonomous Database

The EPM Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Cloud integration also enables customers to drill down on data and to perform loads using the Quick Mode method.