Creating Application Folders

After downloading and extracting the to your Agent Home directory, use the createAppFolder.bat to create the Application folder structure to store data, logs, and configuration files. The configuration file contains all initialization parameters.

The following image shows the Application folder that contains folders named: config, data, logs, and scripts.

Image shows the folders under the Application fold.

To create the Application folder structure:

  1. At a command prompt, change the working directory by typing: cd AGENT HOME/bin directory.

    AGENT HOME is the directory where you extracted the

  2. At the command prompt, type: createAppFolder.bat C:\EPMAgentData.

    When the createAppFolder.bat has finished running, the following message displays: "Create application folders script completed."

    When you run the createappfolder.bat, the script creates an INI file that contains the populated EPM_AGENT_HOME and EPM_APP_DATA_HOME parameters.