1 Creating and Running an EPM Center of Excellence

A best practice for EPM is to create a CoE (Center of Excellence).

An EPM CoE is a unified effort to ensure adoption and best practices. It drives transformation in business processes related to performance management and the use of technology-enabled solutions.

Cloud adoption can empower your organization to improve business agility and promote innovative solutions. An EPM CoE oversees your cloud initiative, and it can help protect and maintain your investment and promote effective use.

The EPM CoE team:

  • Ensures cloud adoption, helping your organization get the most out of your Cloud EPM investment
  • Serves as a steering committee for best practices
  • Leads EPM-related change management initiatives and drives transformation

All customers can benefit from an EPM CoE, including customers who have already implemented EPM.

How Do I Get Started?

Click to get best practices, guidance, and strategies for your own EPM CoE: Introduction to EPM Center of Excellence.

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Conceptual image of the EPM CoE