Displaying Debit and Credit Columns (DRCRSplit)

Use the DRCRSplit expression type to parse split numeric columns for fixed format text files. By default, numeric values in Amount fields are considered debits. However, you can position debit values on the left and credit values on the right.

To use this expression, you specify the start of the Debit (for example, column 56) and the length of the column to the end of the Credit column (for example, 40 characters). The midpoint might be 20, saying that numbers to the left of 20 are Debits and to the right are Credits.

Use parameters that follow this form: drcrsplit=Mid Point of the DR and CR columns. For example, use the expression: drcrsplit=16 to specify that numbers left of the midpoint (16) are a debit and amount to right of the midpoint (16) are a credit.

When the file is imported, credit amounts are assigned negative signs (and thus are interpreted as positive), and debit amounts are unchanged (and thus are interpreted as negative).