AncestorName / AncestorAlias

AncestorName and AncestorAlias text functions return parent and ancestor members for a specified row, column, or POV member.


AncestorName("Grid", "Dimension", Row/Col, (Index))

AncestorAlias("Grid", "Dimension", Row/Col, (Index))

The Index number references how many ancestors level upward in the hierarchy to return, (1) returns the immediate parent.


Let us look at the following grid design:

  • Row 1 members selection: Bottom Level of AllSegments

  • Row 1 custom heading: AncestorAlias("Segments", (1))

  • Text column A: MemberAlias("Segments")

Report Design:

Ancestor Alias Text Functions Grid Design

Report Preview:

Ancestor Alias Text Functions Report Preview


See Parameters for Text Functions for parameter definitions.