Adding a grouping

A grouping may only contain one data row or column segment. If more than one data segment is selected, grouping and ungrouping is not allowed.
In addition to the data segment, you can optionally include one or more formula, text and/or separator segments. These non-data segments can be before and/or after the data segment.


  • Text, Formula, and Separator segments adjacent to the data segment can only be part of one grouping.

  • You cannot add grouping to a grid that contains Zoom on Parent definitions. The Zoom definitions must be removed from the grid prior to adding a grouping.

To add a grouping to a row or column selection:
  1. In the grid editor, select the desired row or column data segment, and optionally any surrounding formula, text and/or separator segments.


    You must select consecutive segments when adding a grouping. You cannot select non-consecutive segments.

  2. Right-click the selected column or row header cells, select Group on..., and then select the dimension name to group on.

    In the example below, there are two dimensions in the rows, Entities and Segments. Only the Entities dimension is available for grouping since it is the outermost dimension of the two dimensions in the rows.

    add grouping
  3. The grouping will be added to the selected segments.

    A grouping indicator will appear adjacent to the grouped row or column segments. When you hover your mouse over the indicator, a tooltip displays the group information such as the dimension name and rows or columns on which the grouping is applied.

    displaying the grouping informaion