Working with the Bursting Definition Actions Menu

You can use Actions menu to do the following:

  • Validate the Bursting Definition Configuration settings.

  • Manage Data Source for a Bursting Definition.

  • Execute the Bursting Definition.

Validating the Bursting Definition

This action validates that the bursting definition configuration settings are valid.

For example, the validation rule verifies the following:

  • The report or Book in the Bursting Definition exists in the Library.

  • All the POV selections in the Bursting Definition are valid.

  • All the Email and Library channel configuration settings are correct.

To perform a validation on the Bursting:

  1. From the Bursting Definition page, click Actions - action gear icon .

  2. Click Validate.

    bursting validate button

    If any validation errors occur, then the system will display all validation errors in a red line dialog box at the top of the Bursting Definition.

    The system will display validation errors that occurred during the process.


    You must resolve all validation errors and ensure that the Bursting Definition is valid before executing it.

Managing Data Sources

Manage Data Source enables you to perform these tasks:

  • Reorder the data sources in the Bursting Definition. If the report or book has multiple data sources, the first data source is used for Bursting and Global POV member selection, in the case where there are matching dimensions between the data sources.

  • Manage the Alias tables used in the Bursting Definition. If an Alias table is not selected, the default Alias table for the user executing the bursting definition will be used.

For more information, see the following links:

Executing the Bursting Definition

To run the Bursting Definition:

  1. From the Bursting Definition page, click Actions - action gear icon and then select Execute.
    bursting validate button

  2. In Information dialog box, click OK.

    bursting execution dialog
  3. After executing the Bursting Definition, check for a Success or Failure email notification.