Conditional Formatting and Conditional Suppression with Groupings

If a conditional format or conditional suppression expression references a row or column which is a grouped segment, the condition will be evaluated to include only those tuples in the group.

The ‘Row Value’, ‘Column Value’ and ‘Cell Value’ conditions in conditional format will apply to a group when the row or column referenced is part of a group. The same applies to the ‘Data Values in Row’, ‘Data Values in Column’ and ‘Cell Value’ conditions in conditional suppression.

In the example below, conditional formatting has been applied to the data cells in row 2. The conditional format tests if the "position within" the member in the row is the "top row", then a $ sign prefix is applied.

conditional formatting conditional suppression

In the resulting output, note that each "top row" in the grouping has the $ sign prefix applied.

output of conditional formatting