Introduction to Notes Manager

Using Notes Manager you can view and perform administrative functions on Note Templates and Notes, and create and maintain Note Formats, which are used with the Notes text function.

Notes Icon in EPRCS Home page
  • In Note Templates, you can:

    • View information about the Note Template, such as data source, Total Usages (number of reports the Note Template is inserted into), the number of Notes Entered for the Template, and user and date created.

    • View the source reports where the Note Template is inserted. You can then either open or edit a selected report.

    • Refresh the Note Template information displayed.

    • Change the data source that the Note Template points to.

    • Set Access to the Note Template.

    • Delete the Note Template and its related Notes.

    • Export the Note Template and its related Notes.

  • In Note, you can:

    • View, Edit, or Clear the Note Text.

    • Set Access to the Note.

    • View the source reports where the Note is inserted.

    • Delete the Note.

    • Export the Note.

  • In the Note Format Manager, you can:

    • Create a new Note Format.

    • Edit an existing Note Format.

    • Delete a Note Format.

    • Export a Note Format.

Accessing the Notes Manager

All Notes are managed, viewed, and edited in the Notes Manager.

To access the Notes Manager:

  1. You can access the Notes Manager by clicking on the Notes icon on the Narrative Reporting home page.

  2. The Notes Template window is displayed.

Navigating the Note Manager

To navigate to the Notes Manager:

  1. In the Notes Template window, you can view all Note Templates with information such as, Data Source, Total Usages, User Information, and Note Created Date.
    Notes Template window

  2. You can search by Note Template names and filter the list by data source:

    • In Search, enter the Note Template, and click search icon.

    • You can filter the list by data source by selecting the filter icon next to the search.

  3. You can click on the Actions action menu button menu to Refresh the view; display the Member Labels as either Alias Member Name or Both; open the Note Format Manager. For more information, see Accessing the Note Format Manager.

    note manager actions menu additional options
  4. You can click on the Actions action menu button menu for a Note Template or select multiple Note Templates and select the Note Manager Actions menu, to access the available Note Template actions.

    action menu
  5. Click to view pov click expand button next to a Note Template name to display its POV dimensions.

    display POV dimensions
  6. To view and access the Notes for a Notes Template, click on the Note Template name to open the Note Viewer.

    note action menu display
  7. In the Note Viewer, you can click on the Actions menu for a Note or select multiple Notes and select the Note Actions menu, to access the available Note actions.

    Note viewer action menu
  8. You can navigate back to the Notes Template window by clicking on the breadcrumbs at the top of the Note list.

    breadcrumbs and search option