Searching For Members

Search uses the Member Labels setting from the grid Actions menu to search on Member Name, Alias, or Both.

You can perform searches for members to edit.

To search for a member:

  1. Open a report and select a grid.
  2. Open the Select Members dialog box by doing one of the following:
    • Right-click a dimension in the grid and click Select Members.

    • Select a dimension in the grid, and then click select members in the formula bar with the dimension name.

  3. In the Member Selector dialog box, enter the text to search for in the search box and click search.

    The system displays the fully-qualified member name of the search result, as well as its ancestors where applicable.

  4. Optional: In the search results, click show in hierarchy to expand the parent members of that member and show it in the member hierarchy
  5. Optional: Use the View Selector drop down menu to change your view from your search results to the member hierarchy, recent, functions, or lists.