Working with Saved Member Selections

Saved member selections enable you to define a list of members that can be reused as a member selection within a report.

You can save one or more members, functions, or a prompt as your saved member selection, and then use that selection in multiple segments in a report.

Some considerations when working with saved member selections:

  • You can use a saved selection as a member selection parameter in a function when a single member or prompt result is defined.

  • You must be a report designer to view and use saved selections. View-only users cannot view or use saved selections.

  • At this time, saved selections can be used only in the report in which they were created. You cannot use a saved member selection across reports (like User-defined lists).

  • If you insert a report with saved selections as a reference doclet into a report package, the saved selections are not exposed when you generate a report snapshot.

  • When working with report packages, saved selections are available only when you edit the report definition.