Printing a Business Rule

You can print a business rule's properties, its flow chart, and the details of its components.

For example, if you print a business rule that contains a formula component for allocation expenses, the print out shows the formula syntax, the functions and variables that comprise the formula, a summary of the steps in the rule's flow chart (not in graphical form), and the rule's properties.

If you print a business rule that is in script only:

  • The Rule Details section in the PDF file contains the business rule script.

  • The Flow Chart section oin he PDF file contains only a Begin and an End node.

  • The Flow Summary section in the PDF file is empty.


You cannot print business rulesets or components. You can print components if they are used in a business rule that you print.

To print a business rule:

  1. In System View, right-click a business rule, and then select Print.
  2. Enter the information in the Print Preview dialog box, and then click Generate PDF.

    A PDF file of the business rule is opened in Adobe Acrobat.