Creating a Groovy Business Rule for Planning ASO Cubes

You can create a Groovy business rule for a Planning ASO cube.

  1. In System View, right-click Rules, then select New, and then enter the information in the New Rule dialog box.

  2. Change to Script mode by clicking the arrow next to Designer, and then selecting Edit Script.

    If you select Edit Script on a graphical rule, the script designer opens and the rule is blank. Close and reopen the rule, and the rule will open again in graphical. If you save the rule in Edit Script, the rule will be empty.

  3. Enter the Groovy script, and then save, validate, and deploy the rule to Planning.

    For information on using rules in Planning, see "Administering Rules" and "Setting Business Rule Properties" in Administering Planning. Note that there are properties that are enabled only for Groovy rules.


Groovy business rules for Planning ASO cubes support all variables with run time prompts (RTPs).