@CalcMgrExcel Custom Functions with Date Parameters

Date parameters used in @CalcMgrExcel functions must be in an Excel format. You can use these functions to convert dates from a YYYYMMDD format (serial format) to an Excel format:

  • @CalcMgrExcelDATE returns the serial number of a particular date.

    The following example converts 20181214 (YYYYMMDD format) to an Excel date


  • @CalcMgrDateToExcel converts a single date in YYYYMMDD format to an Excel date

  • @CalcMgrDatesToExcel converts multiple dates in YYYYMMDD format to Excel dates

    In the following example:

    @CalcMgrDatesToExcel(@LIST("Jan"->"Date_123", "Feb"->Date_123)

    "Jan"->"Date_123" will display as 01/31/19 and "Feb"->Date_123 will display as 02/31/19