Deleting a Variable

You can delete a variable or variables from within the Variable Designer if they are not used in any components or member formulas. If a variable is used in a component, you must remove the variable from the component before you delete the variable.

To delete a variable:

  1. In System View or Filter View, click the Variable Designer icon.
  2. In the Variable Navigator, expand the application type and the application.
  3. Do one of these tasks:
    • If the variable is a global variable, select <Global>.

    • If the variable is an application variable, select the application with which the variable is associated.

    • If the variable is a plan type or database variable, select the plan type or database with which the variable is associated.

    • If the variable is a business rule variable, select the business rule with which the variable is associated.

    Any variables associated with the application type, the application, the calculation type, plan type, or database, and the business rule are displayed on Replacement or Execution.

  4. On Replacement or Execution, right click the variable you want to delete, and select Delete.
  5. In Delete Confirmation, select Yes to confirm deletion of the variable.