Editing a Business Rule

You can edit the structure of a business rule by adding to, removing, or changing its components (including formulas, scripts, conditions, ranges, and loops).

You can also edit the properties of the business rule's components and the properties of the business rule itself.

You can edit the following business rule properties:

  • Name and caption

  • Description and comments

  • Dimensions, members, and variables

To edit a business rule:

  1. Open the rule.
  2. In the Rule Designer, add new components, and copy and delete existing components from the rule's flow chart.
    • To add a component, drag an object from New Objects or Existing Objects and drop it into the flow chart.

      When you add an existing formula or script component to the flow chart, by default, the formula or script becomes a shared object. If you do not want it to be shared, clear the Shared check box in the formula or script component's Properties. See Sharing Script and Formula Components.

    • To copy a component, right-click the component, then select Copy, and then paste it into the flow chart.

    • To delete a component, right-click the component, and then select Remove.

  3. In Properties, edit properties of the rule.

    The properties change as you add components to the rule and move among the components in the flow chart. To enter properties for a specific component, select the component in the flow chart. See Using Components to Design Business Rules and Templates.)

  4. Click Save button to save the changes.


As you edit the components in a business rule, you can increase or decrease the size of the component icons and the amount of detail that is displayed in the flow chart. To do this, use Zoom Bar to zoom in and out within the flow chart.

When the flow chart is displayed in a small size, the component captions do not display, but you can place your mouse pointer over any icon to read its caption. Regardless of the size of the components in the flow chart, you can select a component to view its properties.