Making Business Rules and Business Rulesets Deployable and Not Deployable

To deploy a subset of business rules and rulesets in an application, you must make them deployable. To make the rules and rulesets deployable, select the check boxes next to their names in Deployment View.


To deploy only one business rule or business ruleset, you do not need to make them deployable in Deployment View. Instead, you can deploy the rule or ruleset from System View by right-clicking it and selecting Deploy.

To remove a business rule or ruleset from an application after you deploy it, clear the check box next to its name in Deployment View. Then you can perform a full deployment of the application by right-clicking it and selecting Deploy.

To make business rules and business rulesets deployable:

  1. In Deployment View, expand the application type and the application that contains the rule or ruleset to deploy.
  2. Expand To Be Deployed, and then select the check boxes next to the rules and rulesets to deploy.

    Before a rule or ruleset is deployed, you should validate it for syntactic accuracy. You can validate rules and rulesets manually using the Validate feature. (See Validating Business Rules, Business Rulesets, and Formula and Script Components from the System View.