Refreshing Business Rules or Business Rulesets

In the System View, Custom View, and Deployment View, you can refresh any level of the application list.

You can refresh the Planning application type, a Planning application, a plan type, multiple rulesets or rules, or one ruleset or rule.

By default, when you refresh any node in the application list, all of the rules, rulesets, components, and templates belonging to it are refreshed. However, refreshing the rulesets or rules within an application does not refresh higher levels in the application list or rulesets or rules that belong to other applications.

For example, if you refresh a rule within a Planning application and plan type, all rules within that application and plan type are refreshed, but no rules within other plan types or other Planning applications are refreshed.

To refresh a business rule or ruleset, right-click the rule or ruleset, and then select Refresh


You can also right-click the Planning application type, the application, or the plan type that contains the business rules you want to refresh, and select Refresh.