Validating a Business Rule from the Rule Designer

When you create or debug a business rule, you can validate it in the Rule Designer.

  • Validate a Financial Management business rule created with Financial Management application administration against Financial Management only.

  • Validate a Planning business rule created with Planning application administration against Planning only.

  • Validate an Essbase rule from an Essbase application against Essbase only.

  • Validate an Oracle General Ledger rule from an Oracle General Ledger application against Essbase only.

To validate a business rule from within the Rule Designer:

  1. In the System View, expand the application type, the application, the calculation type, plan type, or database, and Rules.
  2. Right-click the rule you want to validate, and select Open.
  3. In the Rule Designer, select Actions, then Validate, and do one of these tasks:
    • If you are working with a Financial Management rule, select Consolidation.

    • If you are working with a Planning rule, select Planning.


      If you are working with business rules in an application created with Financial Management or Planning application administration, you can validate against only the application in which the rule is created.

    • If you are working with an Essbase application and rule (including those created for Oracle General Ledger applications), select Essbase.

    • If you are working with an application created with Planning application administration, and working with a Planning rule, select Planning.

    If the rule validates successfully, then a message is displayed letting you know that validation was successful. If the rule does not validate, then errors are displayed.