Artifacts Not Supported

Some artifacts cannot be migrated from an on-premises environment to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

Migration of the following isn't supported:

  • Shared Services custom roles

  • Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Annotations and Batch Jobs


    ACLs defined for Financial Reports are lost during migration and must be defined manually in Planning.

  • Saved preferences in Reporting and Analysis, including General Preferences

  • Essbase global substitution variables

    If your application has global substitution variables, convert them into application-specific variables before migrating. Perform this task in Oracle Essbase Administration Services by opening the Substitution Variables Editor and changing the value in the Applications column from All Apps to a specific application.

  • Partition definition for Essbase cubes

  • Custom settings, for example, cache setting for cube, specified in the Essbase configuration file

  • Linked Reporting Objects

  • Personal Pages and Workspace Pages, including the Home Page

  • Objects with custom MIME types and objects with MIME types that are no longer supported, for example, Interactive Reporting documents and Web Analysis documents

  • Essbase report scripts and rules (RUL) files

  • Calculation scripts