Setting Import Options

Import options specify the conditions for importing data into an environment from uploaded files and snapshots.

Available options are explained in the following table:

Table 1-1 Import Options for Artifacts and Data

Import Option Description
Data Management - Skip Validation Skips the validation of target dimension members in the destination location during import.
Groups and Membership - Import Mode Selects the mode for importing group information from import files:
  • Create or Update

  • Create

  • Update

  • Delete

Groups and Membership - Max Errors Threshold Indicates the number of errors allowed before the import process is stopped.


Availability of these import options depends on the service. For example, Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud supports Groups and Membership - Import Mode and Groups and Membership - Max Errors Threshold options only.

To set import options:

  1. Access Migration. See Accessing Migration for Lifecycle Management.
  2. Click Snapshots, and then Import Options button (Migration Options).
  3. Specify import options. See the preceding table for details.
  4. Click Save and Close when you are done.