Considerations for Migrating FDMEE-Based Applications

The following Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition-based applications can be migrated from on-premises to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud:

  • Planning

  • Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management

The following artifacts cannot be migrated because these features are not supported in EPM Cloud:

  • Scripts of any type, including event scripts, import scripts and custom scripts

  • Custom reports

On-premises applications such as Planning, and Profitability and Cost Management support the loading of metadata and data using Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition. After migrating your application to EPM Cloud, you have the following two options to integrate data:

  • Continue using your on-premises FDMEE deployment by leveraging the Hybrid integration and data load to EPM Cloud.

  • Convert all integrations that use a direct connection to the source data system to a file-based integration using Data Management. To convert the direct integrations to file-based integrations you will need to do the following:

    • Develop a custom data extraction process to export the data from the source system to a delimited data file

    • Map the delimited data file and load it into the EPM Cloud application using Data Management

      See these sources in the Administering Data Management for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud :

      You can use the following EPM Automate command sequence to automate the process of uploading the data file and executing the integration:

      epmautomate login example_admin example_password/password_file example_url

      epmautomate uploadfile DELIMITED_FILE_NAME.txt inbox/repository

      epmautomate rundatarule AccountActual Mar-15 Jun-15 REPLACE STORE_DATA inbox/AccountActual.dat

      epmautomate logout

      See uploadFile EPM Automate Commands in Working with EPM Automate for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud for sample command usage and examples.