Import Planning Artifacts


A Planning environment supports only one Planning application. Delete any existing application from the environment before importing artifacts. For information on deleting an application, see Removing an Application in Administering Planning .

A Service Administrator can use these methods to import artifacts:

  • Use importSnapshot EPM Automate command. You use the following sequence of commands to sign in to an environment and import a snapshot:

    epmautomate login example_admin example_password/password_file example_url

    epmautomate importSnapshot OnPremisesApplication

  • Use Migration.

To import artifacts into a environment using Migration:

  1. From a browser, sign in to the Planning environment as a Service Administrator.
  2. Click Navigator (Navigator) and then Migration.
  3. Click Snapshots.
  4. Click Actions (Actions) in the row of the snapshot (for example, OnPremiseApplication) that you uploaded, and then select Import.
  5. In Import, click OK.

    The Migration Status Report is displayed. Refresh the report until the migration is complete.