Migrating Calculation Scripts

This section applies only if the on-premises application uses Calculation scripts that were created directly in Oracle Essbase.

Export calculation scripts from on-premises Essbase applications and use it as a reference while creating business rules in Planning.

See Creating a Business Rule in Designing with Calculation Manager for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud .

To recreate on-premises calculation scripts as business rules:

  1. From a browser, sign in to the Planning environment as a Service Administrator.
  2. In the Navigator, click Rules under Create and Manage.
    Calculation Manager opens.
  3. Expand Planning, then the application, and then the cube for which you want to create the rule.
  4. Right-click Rules, and then select New.
  5. In New Rule enter the rule name, which should match the name of the script you are recreating as rule.
  6. From the on-premises Essbase script, copy script content.
  7. Paste the script content into the Script Editor.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Deploy the new rule to Planning.