Identify On-Premises Users and Groups

Begin by generating a Provision Report to identify users who are authorized to access the on-premises application that you want to migrate and related components including Shared Services, Calculation Manager, FDM/Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition, and Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis.

To identify on-premises Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System users and groups:

  1. In the on-premises deployment, log in as an Administrator.
  2. Select Navigate, Administer, and then Shared Services Console.
  3. Generate a report that lists provisioned users.
    Settings for generating Provision Report
    1. Select Administration, and then View Provisioning Report.
    2. In Find All, select Roles.
    3. In For, select Users.
    4. In Show Effective Roles, select Yes.
    5. In Group By, select Users.
    6. From In Application, select the following:


      Be sure to select all the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System components that support the application that you are migrating.
      • Foundation: Shared Services

      • Reporting and Analysis: Reporting and Analysis

      • FDM: FDM Enterprise Edition and ERP Integrator (if present)

      • Application to migrate. For example, if you are migrating a planning application, expand Planning and then select the application that you want to migrate. Do not select multiple applications.

  4. Click Create Report.
  5. Click Export to CSV to create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file of the report. Save the report to a secure directory.