Deleting Integration

You can delete an integration including the name, import format, location, mappings and any data rules created in Data Integration. This option enables you to delete an entire integration without having to delete individual components.

  1. On the Workflow tab, under System Maintenance Tasks, select Delete Integration.

  2. From the LOV bar, select the location associated with the integration.
  3. From the Execute Script screen, and then in Value, enter the name of the integration to delete and click OK.

    Image shows the Execute Script screen.

    Optionally, you can click Schedule to schedule the integration to be deleted. For information on scheduling jobs, see Scheduling Jobs.

  4. Optional: Click Image shows Search icon. to search for the integration.

    On the Search Parameter Value, select the integration from the list and click OK.

    Image shows the Search Parameter Value screen.

    From the Execute Screen, click OK.

    When the job is executed, the system shows the message: "Custom script execution initiated with Process ID: XXX". To view the details of the job, see Viewing Process Details.