Defining Category Mappings


Starting with the September (23.09) update, the user interface pages for Category Mapping will no longer be available in Data Management, but will be available in Data Integration. Data Integration is available now from the Data Exchange card from the home screen in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Business Process. Users will be able access the Category Mapping features in the current EPM Cloud update from the Data Integration user interface by selecting the Actions drop down, and then Category Mapping. For more information, see: Managing Category Mappings in Administering Data Integration for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

You define category mappings for categorizing and mapping source system data to a target Scenario dimension member. For example, in a Planning application, the same source system data is stored using the Scenario dimension member "Current". In Data Management, you can create category mapping for the scenario dimension member. Ensure that the target category value specified does exist in Planning under the Scenario Dimension.