Integrating Oracle ERP Cloud Oracle General Ledger Applications

You can integrate Oracle General Ledger data from the Oracle ERP Cloud with your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud application if you use the Oracle ERP Cloud Release 11 or higher. This integration enables you to simply pick the desired source ledger from the Oracle ERP Cloud, set up a few simple mappings and then push a button to pull the data into the EPM Cloud applications. This integration can be run manually or scheduled for a specific time.


The Average Daily Balances (ADB) ledger is not supported in the current integration.


Data Management also supports the Financials Accounting Hub (FAH) and the Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service (FAHRCS) as part of its integration with the Oracle General Ledger.

The integration sets up the drill definition automatically.

Data Management facilitates not only data loads but write-backs to the Oracle ERP Cloud.

Watch this tutorial video to learn more about integrating the Oracle General Ledger with the EPM Cloud.

video iconTutorial Video