3 Using Data Management

You can also:

  • integrate file-based data from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) source system into an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) target application.

  • drill through from the EPM target application and view data in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) source system.

  • integrate Oracle General Ledger data with the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud if you use Fusion Cloud Release 11 or higher.

    Data Management also supports the Financials Accounting Hub (FAN) and the Financial Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service (FRACAS) as part of its integration with the Oracle General Ledger.

  • load commitments, obligations, and expenditures from an Budgetary Control to Planning and Planning Modules applications.

  • load Human Resources data from Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud to use in the Oracle Hyperion Workforce Planning business process of Planning Modules.

Data Management enables you to work with the following cloud services belonging to the EPM Cloud:

  • Planning Modules
  • Planning
  • Financial Consolidation and Close
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Profitability and Cost Management
  • Tax Reporting
  • Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud