Setting System-Level Profiles

Use system settings to update or clear system level profiles that apply to entire system.

To define system settings:

  1. On the Setup tab, under Configure, select System Settings.
  2. In System Settings, in Profile Type, select the specific profile to list on the System Settings screen.

    Available profile types:

    • All

    • File (In addition to file specific system settings, selecting the File profile type displays the "Create Application Folders" button. This feature instructs the system to create a folder structure in the path specified in the Application Root Directory setting).

    • Other (Use to set profiles associated with a data source, User Language, User Interface Theme, and Default Check Report.)

    • Point-of-View

    The profile type that you select determines the settings that you can add or modify on the screen.

  3. Select the option and add the new value in Value.

    If Image shows Browse icon. is displayed in the Select field, you can search on the value.

  4. Click Save.