Using Open Batches

The open batch functionality is used to read file-based data sources and import them into the appropriate POV based on the file name. It is a batch definition type that enables you to automate and schedule the workflow process (such as four fish steps in the Data Load Workbench: import, validate, export, and check), particularly when you must process the loading of a large number of external files. Open batches cannot contain jobs. Additionally, open batches can be scheduled to run periodically.

The high-level process overview of the Open Batches function consists of:

  1. In Batch Definition, add a new batch definition with the type of Open Batch.

  2. Create an openbatch folder in the application inbox\batches subdirectory where the files to be imported are copied.

    After a batch is processed, a directory is created and all files within the OpenBatch directory are moved into it. The new directory is assigned a unique batch ID.

  3. Select the File Name Separator character.

    This character is used to separate the five segments of an open batch file name.

  4. Select the Auto Create Data Rule option.

  5. Stage the open batch files by copying files to the inbox\batches\openbatch folder using the name format for batch files.

  6. In Batch Execution, process the batch.