About Strategic Workforce Planning

Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud translates long-term corporate strategy into execution plans by ensuring that the strategy is supported by the right workforce: the right skill sets and headcount at the right time.

You look at long-term demand for resources by exploring scenarios that impact those demands. You also look at what’s going to happen with your current workforce, for example, through retirement or natural attrition. Evaluating demand against supply helps you understand what gaps there may be, whether positive or negative, so that you can proactively plan for needed resources. You can anticipate the headcount and skills needed to support your business strategy.

Strategic Workforce Planning provides configurable drivers that enable planners to answer such questions as, "Do our employees have the right skill sets and are they in the right roles to accomplish future plans?".

To plan future workforce needs, you define strategic demand drivers such as:

  • Expected revenue

  • Manufactured goods

  • Number of calls to a call center

  • Number of invoices to process

  • Insurance claims to process

You select the best calculation logic for each driver, which translates driver values into future long-term full time equivalents (FTEs).

Watch this overview video to learn about Strategic Workforce Planning:

video icon Overview Video

You can also enable Workforce to manage and track headcount expenses. You can then align critical corporate resources—people and dollars—with the strategies that best leverage a competitive advantage. Departments can collaborate to plan headcount and related expenses such as salaries, benefits, bonuses, and taxes. Planners can see up-to-date graphics that show expenses and trends.

If Workforce is enabled with all its features, planners can manage and track headcount expenses:

  • Analyze, calculate, and report on headcount, salary, bonuses, taxes, and health care expenses

  • Plan for hires, transfers, promotions, terminations, and so on

  • Define country-appropriate taxes and benefits

These components help you to meet your workforce planning needs:

  • Compensation Planning

  • Other Expenses

  • Demographics

  • Analysis