Accessibility Features

These features are provided:

  • Support for screen readers and magnifiers

  • Keyboard navigation equivalents for all objects

  • Alt and Title attributes for all objects, images, and page titles

  • Support for expanding and collapsing trees using the Enter key and keyboard equivalents

  • Data form access using keyboard equivalents

  • Tab indexing, implemented from left to right on all pages

  • A button at the top right corner of the page opens a dialog box with options for screen reader mode and high contrast


    To read elements that are read only and do not get focus using keyboard navigation, use the arrow keys to read text. This applies, for example, to task list status.


    When moving to the Approvals subcomponent from another subcomponent, such as Revenue, a Filter popup may display.

    This feature allows an end user to submit, review, approve, or reject a planning unit. When users come to this feature, planning units are listed for the scenario and version that were most recently used by them while entering data into forms. If no scenario and version were most recently used, a Filter popup displays that allows users to select the scenario and the version. The user can select the scenario and version member for which they want to see planning units.