Using Keyboard Equivalents

When you use keyboard equivalents, note that:

  • The underlined letter that typically appears in a menu title, menu item, or button text is called a mnemonic. Because Oracle considers mnemonics to be self-documenting, additional documentation for mnemonics is not necessarily provided. You can use mnemonics where they are implemented.

  • Some mnemonics are repeated. For example, on the File menu, the underlined mnemonic D is used for both the Delete and the Deactivate menu items. When mnemonics are repeated, the first time you press D, the item to be deleted is highlighted. Press Enter to delete or press D again to highlight the Deactivate button, and then press Enter to deactivate.

  • Keystrokes listed are standard for PCs. iOS standard keys may be different.

For additional information, see Keyboard Equivalents.