Assessing and Updating Skills

If your administrator enabled Skills Assessment, you can rate employee skills for strategic jobs.


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Learn about rating employee skills.

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Evaluate and update skills by clicking Strategic Workforce Strategic Workforce Planning icon on the Home page, and then Skills Assessment Skills Assessment icon. Then use its horizontal tabs:

Skills Assessment horizontal tabs

  • To assess the relative distribution and correlation of skills across years, click Skills Summary. Here you can graphically view Average Skills Comparison and Average Skills Correlation by Entity for each Scenario planning year.

  • To assess the trend over years of skills by category, click Skills by Category. You can compare years, entities, and skills categories such as Management, Technical, and so on. You can also drill into categories to examine the underlying data. (Your administrator can add categories.)

  • To assess and update skill proficiencies by the individuals holding specific jobs, click Skills by Employee. This form includes Skills Gap data, which is the difference in a skill level between the Strategic Start Year and Strategic End Year. For example, suppose that the Skills Gap for Rob Stark is -1, which indicates that you want his Java skill to be at a 4 (favorable) rating by FY18, and his Java skill is currently rated only as 3.

    This form displays only those employees whose skill ratings already exist, usually by importing them. To add a skill and rating for an employee, see Adding Skills and Ratings for an Employee.

  • To assess and update skill data for an individual, click Employee Skill Details.