12 Analyzing the Gap Between Demand and Supply

After planning the resources your plans require (demand) and the resources that you expect to be available to meet those demands (supply), you can see how well they match up by looking at the gap between demand and supply. Then you can take action to minimize those gaps.

To view the gap between demand and supply, click Gap Analysis Strategic Workforce Planning Gap Analysis icon.

  • To view the supply and demand summary data and their variance, click Supply vs Demand. In the top left form, you can view the data. In the charts, you can review the trends.

  • To view the difference between supply and demand headcount, click Supply vs Demand Headcount. This information helps guide you in addressing the gap by updating your hiring or training plans. Examples:

    • Transfer people from non-strategic jobs to strategic jobs.

    • Add training courses to build strategic skills.

    • Hire people that have needed strategic skills.

    • Create incentive programs to retain people with strategic skills.